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Duff started cooking professionally at the age of 14 as a way to buy the spray paint he deposited on the trains of Washington D.C and Boston. It turns out that cooking paid better than graffiti…then somewhere down the line he combined cooking and art to make a career in exquisite cake decorating. For some reason they decided to point television cameras at him, and now he’s spreading his love for playing with his food to the world.

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Popsugar: Narwhal Cake

popsugar-narwhal-cake Unicorn cake? Been there, done that. This time, we partnered up with Duff’s Cakemix once again to show you how to make a cake starring the “unicorn of the sea” — the narwhal! This cake is so cute, you’ll be trading unicorns for narwhals in no time…. View Article

Giada & Duff Making Fondant Roses

image I visit the Ace of Cakes’ studio to learn how to make a pretty cake topper for any occasion.
Duff’s Cakemix, Duff Goldman’s L.A. cake decorating studio, is like Willy Wonka’s workshop and the Project Runway studio rolled into one sweet package. Pick out one of Duff’s delicious cakes or cupcakes, and you’re given all the tools (plus a helping hand from the skilled pros on staff!) to turn it your own masterpiece… View Article