Items you will need:

  • cake covered in white fondant
  • 1 white fondant
  • 2 pink fondant
  • 1 blue buttercream
  • 1 purple buttercream
  • coffee stirrer
  • 2 skinny toothpicks
  • cutting tool
  • large circle cutter
  • pizza cutter
  • ball tool
  • edible black marker
  • piping bag
  • scissors

Step 1
Roll out the white fondant, keeping it on the thicker side. Use the cutting tool to cut the ear shapes.

Step 2
Roll out the pink fondant. Use the cutting tool to cut the inner ear shape. Attach it to the middle of the ear.

Step 3
Insert the toothpicks into the ears for support and attach the ears to the top of the cake.

Step 4
Roll out the remaining pink fondant and cut out a circle using the large circle cutter.

Step 5
Use the pizza cutter to cut the large pink circle in half. Attach to the front of the cake, with the flat side facing down.

Step 6
Use the ball tool to indent two nostrils.

Step 7 Use your hands to roll out the remaining pink fondant into a long rope.Taper one end of the rope. On the non-tapered end, create a small round base and coil the rope upwards. Continue to coil the rope until it forms a cone with the tapered end at the top.

Step 8
Insert the coffee stirrer into the center of the horn for support. Attach the horn to the center of the cake, in between the ears.

Step 9
Cut the tip of the piping bag into a star tip. Cut a straight line across the bottom of the piping bag, then cut tiny triangles along the opening.

Step 10
Stir each of the blue and purple buttercream containers, and place each color into the piping bag, side by side.

Step 11
Squeeze out the buttercream to form the bangs and mane.

Step 12
Use the edible marker to draw on the eyes.